Real Estate Website Features with IDX and MLS Integration

Our Real Estate Agent and Broker Websites Features include SEO friendly designs, Blogs, IDX Solution, Advanced Mapping, Lead Capture Management, Mortgage Calculator and Technical Support.


Your site up in minutes.

Automated registration, payment, checkout and site activation. Get your website up in minutes. No need to hire a development team, setting deadlines, making sure work is getting done. We've done it all so you can get your website up and running in just a few clicks.

Many designs to choose from.(Interchangable in seconds).

You can change the look and feel of your website with a single click. This is great for changing your look to during the holidays or just to give your visitors a fresh feel every now and then. You can do this at no extra cost. Sing up today and you can start within a few minutes.

SEO friendly

Real Estate is a competitive business. Get the edge over your competitors with a website that is built with SEO in mind. Your pages are automatically SEO friendly and you have full control of your onsite settings from your admin panel.

IDX Solution

With your IDX feed, setting up the site is as simple as ABC. Just paste the IDX info URL with username and password and our IDX solution will do the rest. Our system will draw the data, format it, set it up, optimize it for Search Engines and make it searchable within your site. It’s an IDX solution and website in one.

Advanced Mapping

Help people find the perfect location with smart technology. Our Locations Mapping is the best on the market. Your clients will be able to search for properties by filtering map locations, or browsing through listings in real-time in the desired area. Our map searches are so intuitive that you may start searching within your site.

Lead Capture & Managment

Capturing leads is crucial, but converting them into live, hot contacts is also key. Our IDX Real Estate Solution has an integrated Lead Management system to help you keep track of prospects, while you work on matching them with the perfect property.

Automatic Monthly Newsletter

Email is one of the best ways to keep a solid, growing, client referral base, and make more sales. The system compiles your new contacts and allows you to upload your own contact book so that you can reach out with a periodical email or newsletter. In development and testing

Points Of Interest

The IDX solution also uses geo positions tools to point out neighborhood points of interest to your site visitors. This help people zero in on the perfect home for them, making your life easier.

Mortgage Calculator

Help your clients make the purchase by offering an easy way to do Mortgage calculations. The built-in Mortage Calculator is a great way for site visitors to get more attached to your site, and with that, improve your chances of getting a hot lead.


Your site comes with advanced blog feature that are also syndicated to partnering sites in order to help you increase traffic. The easiest way to become drive traffic is to let the search engines know that your site is the authority for your niche. Share your thoughts, suggestions and real estate advice is by running a blog. It's great for SEO and Social Media. We did all the work so that running your blog is as easy as writing an email.

Unlimited Pages

How much content your site will need to have in order to gain traffic over your competitors will vary. A scalable web solution that makes it easy for you to add content is one of the keys to achieving better ranking. There are no limit to the number of pages and blog posts you can add to your site in just minutes, without any programming knowledge.

Unlimited Predefined Searches

Another way our solution helps drive traffic is by allowing you to create an unlimited number of predefined searches. Each one you add, creates a separate optimized page with a predefined list of properties that is designed to be seen by search engine robots. The proper use of this tool helps search engines to identify you and your site as authorities in these areas, and ultimately, drives traffic to your site.

Mobile Version

More and more people use their smartphones to browse the net and even make purchases. This web platform is built with mobile in mind. No need of activating special features, paying extra for building a mobile website... it's all built in and fully optimized for mobile search. In development and testing

Leads to Text Message

SMS and MMS are great ways to engage people and guide them to become your clients. This website has automated SMS/MMS messaging so people can sign up for messaging notifications. This is another great way to leverage technology and grow your customer base. We can even set you up to attract leads while they are still in front of your listing or on your website. In development and testing

Craiglist Adds

Drive traffic and generate leads from beautiful craigslist ads. We provide you with tools that help you create single and multiple property html code so you can place professional looking ads on Craigslist and Backpage. In development and testing

Technical Support

Not that you'd ever need it, but if you do, our IT and Marketing teams stand by and are ready to cater for your web needs. Unparalleled support is our goal, so you can always have things set up and ready to cater to the needs of your clients. In development and testing

RSS Feed & Syndication

Our SEO service clients will be guided in setting up RSS feeds that make Internet marketing a breeze. Your predefined listing feed will be shared within your social media pages and with our syndication partners. Done properly, this alone will generate great traffic to your site. In development and testing

Social Media networking tools

Social Media is the buzz today. With our web platform, you get a website that is equipped with social media sharing tools, so all you need to do is click a button and share/like/tweet/pin a location. No need to copy-paste links, just point and click.

Your IT Team

We want you to consider us your development team by letting us know what you want your site to do. Your suggestions are taken very seriously here. We're always working on something new, a new feature, new functionality, new templates...and you get all that for free.


Through the use of widgets from great schools, we also provide your site visitors with the ability to review schools near your listings. The information makes your site a one stop shop for serious buyers. In development and testing

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